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The First Ball Games最早的球类运动The first interesting thing sports use was the ball.球是最早的有意思的体育用具In ancient Egypt, as in everywhere,在古埃及,和其他地方一样,throwing stones was a favorite children game.丢石块是孩子们最喜欢的游戏But a stone could hurt a child.但是石块会伤到孩子Looking something less dangerous to throw,为了找到可以降低危险的玩具,the people in Egypt made,perhaps,the first balls.埃及人做出了第一个球At first,balls were made of grass or leaves held together起初,人们把草或树叶塞紧做成了球Later they made balls with animals skin.后来,他们用动物皮做球,They put the pieces of animals skin together with th他们用线把动物皮缝起来,and put in some birds feathers or grass.再把鸟的羽毛或草塞进去This kind of ball was soft and not heavy.Everyone liked to play with it.这种球又软又轻,人人都爱玩Although the people in Egypt liked fighting and wars,尽管埃及人喜欢打架,征战,they tried to save time sports games.但还是找时间参与体育游戏Bee long they could play a lot of new ball games,each with its own rules.不久他们能够玩很多新鲜的球类游戏,各个游戏有自己的规则Perhaps they thought或许他们认为the games were useful to help the young men run faster in wars.这些游戏能使他们在战场上跑得更快 397Day 19第19天The Woman in My Life赐予我生命的女人The woman in my life Catches me when Ive fallen And holds me like a baby when Im hurt我生命中的这位女性,总能在我堕落时 将我接住 当我受伤时 视我如婴孩般的拥抱No matter how high I climb She guides me safely back to Earth无论我爬得多高,都能引导我平安落地当我需要她时,And she there when I need her My guardian angel她就在身边做我的守护天使,In the dark I can see her Here by my side黑暗中,我能看见她陪伴着我The woman in my life Says Im the one she prayed And all she ever gonna need我生命中的这位女性, 说我是她梦寐以求, 是她所要的一切But she the one my heart was made And that the way it always gonna be但她也是我心所向往的人, 不论过去现在和未来Now I understand just why my dad Is crazy bout the woman in my life如今我才了解,为何父亲会 如此迷恋我生命中的这位女性 6578夏日里有那湛蓝的令人向往的天空,还有那轻声吟唱的微风夏日是一叶小舟上的船夫,是你四岁时不小心沾在裙子上的冰琪淋夏日是浸入你脚趾间的湿露露的沙子,是朝阳初升前一小时的那花园里的清香味夏日就是那丝绸段,那盛开的天竺葵,以及从远方飘来的悠悠长笛声!Summer 浪漫夏日 Summer afternoon--summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words.夏日的下午-夏日的下午;对我来说,这几个字一直是英语语言中最美丽的两个字Welcome to summer at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, Im Faith. Summer is the glorious time of the year when most of us can put on our shorts and short-sleeved shirts and actually feel the air and sunlight on our skin; when we dont have to turn up the heat in the morning when we get up; but also when we lay hot and sweaty in bed, unable to sleep at times (those of us who dont have air conditioning, anyway); when we get the sunburn and the heatstroke and all those wonderful things.欢迎来到Faith轻松电台的浪漫夏季,这是一年中最灿烂的季节,我们可以穿上短裤,短袖衬衣,尽情地感受着夏日的空气以及播撒在皮肤上的阳光;我们不必要在清晨起床后就去打开暖气;当然我们也会满身是汗,燥热地躺在床上,而无法入眠(那些没有空调设施的人们);有了一身夏日晒斑,中了暑,这一切都是我们经历着夏日的美妙事情All green and fair the summer lies, just budded from the bud of spring, with tender blue of wistful skies, and winds that softly sing. How beautiful the summer night is, which is not night, but a sunless, yet unclouded day, descending upon earth with dews and shadows and refreshing coolness! How beautiful the long mild twilight, which, like a silver clasp, es today with yesterday!夏日展现出一片翠绿、美丽的图画,就像春天的蓓蕾刚刚萌芽,湛蓝的令人向往的天空,还有那轻声吟唱的微风夏日的夜晚也是美丽的,与其称它为夜晚,它其实更像一个阳光照射不到的,晴朗的白昼,它携带清露,阴凉以及一丝丝清爽降落到了地球!这漫长柔和的夏日黎明也是如此美丽,它就像一个银扣,将今天与昨天紧紧地联在一起!Summer is a sailor in a rowboat and ice-cream on your dress when youre four years old. Summer is a man with his coat off, wet sand between your toes, the smell of a garden an hour bee moonrise. Summer is silk itself, a giant geranium and music from a flute far away!夏日是一叶小舟上的船夫,是你四岁时不小心沾在裙子上的冰琪淋夏日是着上身的男人,是浸入你脚趾间的湿露露的沙子,夏日还是朝阳初升前一小时的那花园里的清香味夏日就是那丝绸段,那盛开的天竺葵,以及从远方飘来的悠悠长笛声!This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. No matter how we see it, summer has a magic that we cant deny--all four seasons do. Here to those who have addressed that magic enjoy your summer!这里是Faith主持的Faith轻松电台不管我们如何看待它,夏季总有着那么一种我们无法否认的魔力-每个季节独有的魔力 谨以此节目献给那些演绎着夏日魔力的人们:请尽情享受你们的夏日乐趣! 18388

Susanna: All right, then. This meeting is over. We’ll meet again next week a status update. 好,会议到此结束下周这个时侯我们再开会讨论状态更新Juan: Hey, do you have a few minutes to talk about tomorrow’s teleconference? 嘿,你有时间谈一下明天的电话会议不?Susanna: Sorry, I’ve got to run. I’m late my department’s weekly brainstorming session. Can it wait? 不好意思,我得赶紧走了我快耽误了我们部的一周头脑风暴了等会儿行不?Juan: Sure, how about a lunch meeting? 当然,中午怎么样?Susanna: I can’t. I’m holding personnel meetings over lunch all this week. It’s the only way I can fit them in. 不行,这周中午我都有会我只能把它们安排在中午了Juan: Okay, how about at 3:00 this afternoon? 好吧,那下午三点怎么样?Susanna: Sorry, I have a standing meeting with the directors once a month at that time. Can you come by after the pitch meeting at :30? 不好意思,那个时侯我跟主管们正在开着会呢:30的时候怎么样?Juan: I wish I could, but our department head has called an emergency meeting this afternoon to do some damage control after the shareholder meeting debacle last week. Well, how about a dinner meeting? 我也希望我能,但是我们部长今下午要召开紧急会议讨论损害控制,上周的股东会议谈崩了晚餐的时候怎么样?Susanna: Only if we can have dinner at 9:30. I won’t be finished here until then. 要是晚上9:30吃晚饭的话,那行到那时候我才有空Juan: Do you ever get a breather? 你有歇着的时候吗?Susanna: A breather? I think I’m due one...in . 歇着?等到年我可能会歇一次 505

Britney: I was thinking of hitting up Jane a little loan. You know her better than I do. What are the chances shersquo;ll spot me a couple hundred dollars until next month?我正在想去恳求Jane来借给我一点贷款你比我更了解她什么是机会,她借给几百块钱,期限到下个月,可能性会多大?Salvador: I think thatrsquo;s a pipe dream. I wouldnrsquo;t exactly call her a cheapskate, but shersquo;s not known her generosity.我认为那是白日梦我不会确切地称她小气鬼,但她并不以慷慨出名Britney: What about Francke? Hersquo;s rolling in it. He could easily part with a couple hundred bucks without giving it a second thought.弗朗克如何?他很慷慨不用再次考虑他就能拿出几百元Salvador: Yoursquo;ve got your work cut out you if you think you can borrow money from Francke. Hersquo;s always been a penny- pincher and he always will be.如果你认为你可以从Francke借到钱,你已经能抢钱了他一直一分钱平彻,他一直是个守财奴,将来也会是那样Britney: Okay, then help me think. Who do we know who isnrsquo;t stingy? Who do we know who is big-hearted and charitable?好吧,那帮我想想我们谁知道谁不吝啬?我们谁知道谁出手大方且心地慈善?Salvador: What the heck. Herersquo;s <牛人_句子> to tide you over until your next payday.搞神秘鬼这是0美元帮你解困,期限到下个发薪日Britney: Wow, thanks! You know, another <牛人_句子> would really come in handy.哇,谢谢!你知道,再借我0元,那才真正派上用场Salvador: I really think you should quit while yoursquo;re ahead.我觉得你应该见好就收 99

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