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汕头市中心医院不孕不育大医院广州长安不孕不育医院在线咨询CNN's Eunice Yoon reports on the developing world's position in the debate over who is to blame for rising food prices.In India, Food Courts, packed with middle class families, these days eating bigger meals more frequently with greater choice. To Anshul Singhal, it's a sign of the good economic times. “So it's people who are poor, and the poor are getting rich and they can afford food for two times a day.” But some point to this prosperity, as one key cause of record high food prices. New economic power houses, like China and India are often blamed, at least in part for the current food crisis. US president George. W. Bush had pointed to growing consumer demand in India as one reason prices are going up. But many in this part of the world say the real gluttons are: Certainly the rich countries, they not only consume much more, the amount of food that you waste is just huge. He might have a point. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, the average American eats 3,770 calories of food a day, compared to 2,940 calories in China or 2,440 calories in India. Americans are also some of the biggest consumers of beef, a food that takes a lot of energy to produce. Chinese agriculturalist Zhouli goes as far as to call the ed States a e "food imperialist ". Li says American food aid and farm subsidies discourage farmers in poorer countries from raising their own crops. Some also blame high food prices on the international push to use grain as fuel for cars instead of food for people. American Agro-economist Lester Brown agrees and says he's not surprised / the debate over food is turning ugly. "What we are now seeing is the emergence of a politics of food scarcity, unlike anything we've seen before." And many food experts say that the blame game is set to get even uglier as nations battle it out in this global food fight/. Eunice Yoon,CNN, Beijing.200812/59268广州去哪里人工授精 The local food movement is growing in the ed States. Restaurant owners and families look to nearby farms for fruits, vegetables and meat. Now small forest owners want to join the local food party. They're promoting edible mushrooms, berries, and salad greens that flourish in the woods. 美国各地越来越多的餐馆和家庭愿意购买当地农场生产的水果、蔬菜和肉类,食品地方化运动方兴未艾。如今拥有小树林的人也希望加入进来,推销自家树林里生长的蘑菇、草莓和绿色蔬菜。Carol Wick and her husband own a small slice of the American dream, 12 hectares at the edge of the Cascade foothills, southeast of Seattle, Washington. A short walk from her doorstop, past some pastures and a dilapidated barn, is the fir and cedar forest that covers about one-third of her property.卡罗尔·维克和丈夫在华盛顿州西雅图市东南方的卡斯卡特山麓丘林地拥有12公顷森林。从他们家出来,经过一片草地和一座破旧的谷仓,就到了这片林杉和雪松林。这片林地占他们整个地产的三分之一。"Our object is not to turn this into a harvestable timber farm, but to do something else with it," says Wick, who wants her beloved forest to generate supplemental income from any number of edible delicacies. "It just kind of lends itself to have a U-pick in the forest."卡罗尔说:“我们不想把这儿变成生产木材的林场。我们想做些别的。”卡罗尔希望这片林地能够提供一些美味食品,并为家里增加收入。比如,把它变成一片让人们自由采摘的森林。The Wicks have planted gourmet mushrooms and native berry bushes. She ticks off a long list of forest produce she could potentially sell.维克夫妇已经在林子里栽种了蘑菇和当地的浆果灌木。卡罗尔有一个很长的单子,上面都是有可能在市场上出售的林产品。"Wild blueberries, huckleberries, the wild raspberry, wild blackberries. Some of the forest native vegetables that you might have, like miner's lettuce for instance, purslane. Those are not that hard to harvest and they taste good."卡罗尔说:“野蓝莓、越桔、树莓、黑莓,等等,还有你可能吃过的一些树林里的野菜。这些都不难采摘,而且味道很好。”201101/124740American universities inherited a choral tradition from England where, centuries ago, student choruses gathered to sing songs with different vocal parts known as glees. Today, dozens of U.S. colleges have glee clubs - a cappella choruses open to students who pass an audition.美国大学继承了英国一个有几百年历史的合唱传统,那就是,喜欢合唱的学生聚集在一起,组成欢乐合唱团。如今,美国有几十所高校拥有欢乐合唱团俱乐部,只要能通过面试,学生们都可以参加这种无伴奏合唱团。The Yale Glee Club is the nation’s third oldest collegiate chorus. What began as a group of friends serenading passersby, has grown into a powerhouse vocal ensemble. This year marks its 150th anniversary, and this month, decades' worth of Yale Glee Club alumni head to New Haven, Connecticut for a reunion. 耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团是美国大学中第三老资格的合唱团。从最开始一群朋友组团为路人唱小夜曲,直到现在成为声名赫赫的大合唱团。今年,耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团迎来了建团150周年。2月12号,合唱团的新老团员聚集在耶鲁大学校园,展开庆祝活动。Diverse groupSinging has always been a big part of life at Yale, no matter what you’re studying. Art major - later actor - Vincent Price and music major - later minister - William Sloane Coffin sang in the Glee Club. And so did Cole Porter, one of America’s most popular composers, who wrote a football song celebrating Yale’s mascot, "Handsome Dan the Bulldog." 在耶鲁大学,不管学生学什么专业,唱歌都是校园生活的重要部分。耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团的团员包括:著名演员文森特·普莱斯、著名牧师威廉·斯隆·科芬,以及美国最有名的流行音乐作曲家科尔·波特。波特曾经为学校的吉祥物--斗牛犬帅气丹创作过一首歌曲。Another alum is Richard Brookhiser, who’s now senior editor at the conservative magazine National Review. In college, he was aly active in politics and recalls he enjoyed the wide cross section of people he met in the Glee Club. 另外一位老合唱团成员是美国保守杂志《国家》的资深编辑理查德·布鲁克海瑟。在耶鲁读书的时候,布鲁克海瑟就是个政治活跃分子。他非常喜欢在欢乐合唱团碰到的不同背景的人。"These were people who weren’t into politics, or didn’t share my politics necessarily," says Brookhiser. "But when you were singing, that didn’t matter, because you were all focused on the music, and having a good time doing the music." 他回忆说:“那些人不热衷政治,也不一定赞同我的政治观点。但是当大家开始唱歌的时候,其它的一切都不重要了,你会全身心地唱歌,会过得很愉快。”The Glee Club performs a mixture of folk songs, spirituals and classical music.耶鲁大学欢乐合唱团演唱民歌、宗教歌曲以及严肃的古典歌曲。"And that also showed someone who was maybe snobbish like I was, that all these different kinds of music have a value," says Brookhiser. 201102/125521广州长安不孕不育输卵管造影

广州看不孕那家医院最好Economics focus经济聚焦Beefed-up burgernomics日益强大的汉堡经济学Jul 30th 2011 | from the Economist print editionA gourmet version of the Big Mac index suggests that the yuan is not that undervalued以美食家的角度来看巨无霸经济指数,人民币并未被低估THE Big Mac index celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Invented by The Economist in 1986 as a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level, it was never intended as a precise gauge of currency misalignment, merely a tool to make exchange-rate theory more digestible. Yet the Big Mac index has become a global standard, included in several economic textbooks and the subject of at least 20 academic studies. American politicians have even cited the index in their demands for a big appreciation of the Chinese yuan. With so many people taking the hamburger standard so seriously, it may be time to beef it up.巨无霸指数已经诞生25年了。在1986年的一期经济学人杂志中第一次出现,当初仅仅是为了让人们更易理解汇率,随意的作为一个衡量货币是否在“正常”水平的指标,人们从没有指望它能作为一个估评货币的标准。然而如今巨无霸指标已经成为国际的一个标准,被数个经济读本引用还成为至少20个学术研究的课题。美国的政客们甚至借这一数字来要求中国人民币的增值。鉴于人们如此看重汉堡指数,可能是时候去讨论一下它的意义了。Burgernomics is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP), the notion that in the long run exchange rates should move towards the rate that would equalise the prices of an identical basket of goods and services (in this case, a burger) in any two countries. The average price of a Big Mac in America is .07; in China it is only .27 at market exchange rates, 44% cheaper. In other words, the raw Big Mac index suggests that the yuan is undervalued by 44% against the dollar. In contrast, the currencies of Switzerland and Norway appear to be overvalued by around 100%. The euro (based on a weighted average of prices in member countries) is overvalued by 21% against the dollar; sterling is slightly undervalued; the Japanese yen seems to be spot-on. For the first time, we have included India in our survey. McDonald’s does not sell Big Macs there, so we have taken the price of a Maharaja Mac, made with chicken instead of beef. Meat accounts for less than 10% of a burger’s total cost, so this is unlikely to distort results hugely. It indicates that the rupee is 53% undervalued.以购买力等价理论(PPP)为基础,汉堡经济旨在表示任意两个国家,长期以来保持的汇率应该趋于使人们消费在同样的商品或务(这里指汉堡)的金钱持平。在美国巨无霸的价格平均为每个.07,而在中国经市场汇率计算仅为.27,便宜了44%。换句话说,原始的巨无霸指数显示人民币较美元被低估了44%。另一方面瑞士和挪威的货币则约被高估了100%。欧元(根据成员国的价格加权平均值)较美元高估了21%;英镑低估了一点点,日元则和美元持平。这是我们第一次将印度囊括在调查的国家中,因为麦当劳并不在印度销售巨无霸,于是我们选取印度版巨无霸来研究,汉堡里面夹的是鸡肉而不是牛肉。但肉的价格占整个汉堡价格的比例小于10%,所以这也不会使结果产生太大偏差。结果显示,卢比的汇率被低估了53%。201108/148617广东排卵检查什么医院最好 The Definition of "My Country" Unpatriotic? Olympic Athletes hail from one nation, compete for another.All the remarkable athletes. You know the athletes go to the Olympic to represent their countries, right? That’s clear from the parade of nations in the opening ceremony to the playing of the national anthem for gold medal winners. But Stephanie Saia reports the definition of what country an athlete belongs to is getting just a bit blurry. The only thing Russian about Becky Hammon is her fanny pack. Everything else is apple-pie American. “You know, I stand an honor of my country. Always my hand will be across my chest. I am one of those people that still believe the pledge of allegiance should be said in school every morning.”But tomorrow the WNBA player from South Dakota will put a jersey on for Russia and play against the ed States. Playing for an old Cold War enemy and being a formidable point guard, Hammon has brought the brunt of criticism. But she is among / countless athletes playing for other nations at the Games.“Pretty sure, the Canadian / track and field teams of Nigeria?". "Azerbaijan, for a lot Korean girls, that game had got them married to Azerbaijanis. /”A French man won Togo’s first gold/ medal after only being to the African nation once. When people look to the Russia versus Georgia beach volleyball game for political metaphors, they realize the Georgian players were actually Brazilian. And the entire US table tennis team is from China, not to mention the woman’s volleyball coach. 33 foreign-born athletes are on team USA.The Olympics have come to represent universal values of peace and friendship. But at the end of the day, it is a competition between nations. And some say those athletes that choose to play for other countries are traitors.If you play in this country, live in this country, and grow up in the heartland, you know, if you put on a Russian uniform, you are not a patriotic person in my mind.But Hammon says she did everything she could to get on the US team, it still wasn’t enough. When it became a choice between participating in the world’s greatest sporting event and watching from the sidelines, it was easy for 31-year-old Hammon.If I was 26, 25, I probably wouldn't have made this decision to play for Russia, / I would held out and hope that ed States would have come back around.So Hammon chased her dream. There’s nothing more American than that, even if she had / chased it all the way to Russia.Stephanie Saia, A news, Beijing.很多奥运会运动员更改国籍,为其他国家而战。这是不爱国的表现吗?所有的耀眼夺目的运动员。大家都知道,运动员是代表他们的国家参加奥运会的,对吗?从奥运会开幕式上每个国家的代表仪仗队到为奥运金牌获得者奏响的国歌都可以得知,这是毫无疑问的。但是 Stephanie Saia的报道让我们对一个运动员的国籍感到越来越模糊。对贝基哈蒙来讲,唯一能体现出和俄罗斯相关的地方只是她的队,其他方面她仍然是一个彻底的美国人。“你知道,我为我的祖国感到骄傲。我仍然会把手放在胸前,我仍然和所有美国人一样,相信那些上学的时候每天早上宣誓的忠诚的誓言。”但是从明天开始这位来自南达科他州的WNBA运动员就将身着俄罗斯的战衣,和美国队相抗衡。为冷战时期的老对手而战,并且作为一个杰出的控球后卫,让哈蒙受到铺天盖地的批评。但是她只是众多更改国籍为他国而战的众多外籍兵团中的一员。“确实如此,就好象尼日利亚的田径代表队里的加拿大运动员一样?”“还有阿塞拜疆,很多韩国的姑娘们就因为更改国籍参加奥运会而嫁给了阿塞拜疆人。”一个法国人由于去了多哥西非共和过一次,为这个国家赢得了第一枚金牌。当人们在俄罗斯对垒格鲁吉亚的沙滩排球中寻找政治喻意时,他们意识到其实格鲁吉亚的选手是不列颠人。美国所有的桌球选手都是来自中国,更不用说美国女子排球的教练。美国代表队中有33名外籍运动员。奥运会代表和平和友谊,但是归根结底,它是国家之间的竞争。有人说那些更改国籍为其他国家而战的运动员是叛徒。如果你在这个国家比赛,在这个国家生活,在这个国家的心脏地区长大,而你却穿上俄罗斯的制,那么,在我的心里你就不是一个爱国的人。但是哈蒙说,她曾尽最大努力留在美国队,但是仍然被教练排除在参赛名单之外。对于已经31岁的哈蒙来说,在参加世界上最大的体育盛事和做一个普通观众之间选择,是非常简单的事。“如果我还是二十五六岁,可能我不会决定为俄罗斯而战,我会坚持等待下次机会,等待美国能够凯旋归来。”所以哈蒙是在追求她的梦想。这正是她体现出美国人特点的方面,即使她为了追求这个梦想而投靠了俄罗斯。patriotic 形容词 爱国的 blurry形容词 模糊的 污脏的;污斑的 formidable 形容词 可怕的,令人畏惧的 难以克的,难对付的 巨大的;杰出的 metaphor 名词 隐喻(一种修辞法) 象征200811/56459广州无痛流产那家医院好

广州检查性激素六项公立医院Instant FameShowbiz Tonight reports on how the hooker at the center of the Spitzer sex scandal is cashing in. I'm A.J. Hammer, welcome to the Showbiz Tonight Podcast. This is where we go inside the Hollywood's biggest stories. Right now call girl gone wild and not just any girl, the call girl, who brought down the governor of New York. There are startling new pictures of Ashley Dupre. As everyone including her, scrambles to cash in on her 15 minutes’ plus of fame. And Showbiz tonight's Brooke Anderson is looking into what a lot of people are asking: Is there anything wrong with that? She may be the most talked-about woman in America, who is not running for President. She is all over the newsstands. She's at the center of one of the juiciest stories of the year. Songs she's posted on Myspace have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. And she may soon appear on one of the biggest series in the country. "She's everywhere. Americans wanna know about this girl!" She's America's newest "it girl". Oh, and did we mention that she's a prostitute? Us Weekly has just revealed for the very first time exclusive photos of Ashley Alexander Dupre, the call girl who is the reason New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is now former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Sure, we may not see this new "it girl" throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game or hosting Saturday Night Live. But Us Weekly Ian Drew tells Nancy Grace now it's the time for Ashley Dupre to cash in.She can make anything, but she has to strike right now. But Showbiz tonight can tell you how is it that a prostitute can get such instant fame. "You cannot get away from Ashley Alexander Dupre,"Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press tells ShowBiz tonight offers are lining up for Dupre. "She's been offered sps in "Hustler" and "Penthouse", reportedly offered a vodka contract. Another amazing offer that Ashley Dupre got was from Joe Francis, "The Girls Gone Wild". The founder of Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis also made Ashley an offer, although he's turned out to be a bit premature. "He initially offered her a million dollars to do one of his tapes. Lo and behold he said ,'Wait a minute, I renege on the offer.' Because he's got plenty of footage of this girl." Apparently, in 2003, Ashley Dupre spent a week going wild on the Girls Gone Wild Bus. After the Spitzer's scandal broke, the Girls Gone Wild website started promoting this steamy . But questions about whether Ashley was 17 when the was shot had delayed its release. Ashley Dupre laid low after the Spitzer scandal, but some are troubled by her instant fame. "What kind of message are we sending to our youth, saying this girl who dropped out of high school, who went on the Girls Gone Wild bus, who slept with the governor of New York who's paid for it is now a superstar. This is kind of ridiculous." call girl: A prostitute catering to wealthy clientele, especially one who is contacted by telephone for an appointment.cash in on: To see (a chance) and profit by it; take advantage of (an opportunity or happening). it girl: An It girl or It-girl is a charming, sexy young woman who receives intense media coverage unrelated or disproportional to personal achievements. The reign of an "It girl" is usually temporary; some of the rising It girls will either become fully-fledged celebrities or their popularity will fade. The term "It boy", much less frequently used, is the male equivalent.Us Weekly: A celebrity magazine, originally founded in 1977 by The New York Times Company."Hustler" and "Penthouse": Names of two magazines which quite resemble "Playboy", kind of porno.Lo and behold: used to express wonder or surprise.renege: to not do something you have promised or agreed to do.02/61633 Some diseases are contagious,like colds, flu, and chicken pox. But what about loneliness? Loneliness may not be a disease, at least not in the same way that chicken pox is. But loneliness can be contagious. How so? The same way that many emotions can be infectious. Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood. While hanging around someone who’s depressed can be, well, depressing. The same goes for loneliness. According to one study, the average person feels lonely about forty-eight days per year. Having a lonely friend adds around seventeen extra days of lonely feelings.【生词注释】contagious adj. 传染性的 chicken pox 水痘loneliness n. 孤独, 寂寞emotion n.情感infectious adj. 有传染性的; 有感染力的hang around 聚在……附近【句子讲解】Being around someone who’s really happy can put you in a good mood.这是个复合句,主语是一个定语从句,who’s really happy做定语修饰someone,翻译时要将定语放在先行词前,翻译成“在一个快乐的人的周围”。mood 是名词,意为“心情”,put sb in a good mood 也就是 “让某人有好心情”的意思。有些病是传染性的。比如感冒,流感和水痘。但是寂寞也会传染给他人吗?寂寞并不是病,至少和水痘的病理不一样。但是寂寞也能传染。如何传染的,和许多情感一样传染。在快乐的人周围会使你有好心情。在压抑的人身旁会使你压抑。寂寞也是如此。根据一项研究,大多数人平均每年有48天感到寂寞。如果有一个寂寞的朋友,这会让你额外增加17天感到孤独的日子。 201110/158422广州造影手术哪家医院好广州市长安无痛打胎多少钱



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