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广州长安女性输卵管修复怎么样好不好广州人流手术恢复时间Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet in Brussels Wednesday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande for negotiations on new bailout funds for the debt-ridden country.希腊总理齐普拉斯星期三在布鲁塞尔与德国总理默克尔和法国总统奥朗德举行会谈,讨论向债务缠身的希腊提供新的救助资金的问题。Greece has three weeks to come up with enough cash to avoid a default on its obligations to the International Monetary Fund when its international rescue package expires at the end of June.希腊的国际救助项月底到期,希腊三个星期后必须有足够的资金履行对国际货币基金组织的还债义务,否则就是债务违约。On Tuesday, Greece offered a new economic reform plan to its international creditors -- the International Monetary fund, the European Central Bank, and Greeces European neighbors.希腊星期二向国际债权人提出新的经济改革计划,避免在六月底债务违约。这些债权人是国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央和希腊的欧洲邻囀?Details of the new ideas Greece sent to its lenders were not disclosed, but some officials said they focused on revised fiscal targets for Greeces beleaguered government and new ways to generate revenue.计划的细节尚未透露,但一些官员说,重点是修订陷入困境的希腊政府的财政目标和增加财政收入的新渠道。Greeces new radical leftist government is engaged in a standoff with its creditors over implementing ongoing austerity reforms agreed to by earlier Greek governments.在落实希腊前政府已经同意的经济紧缩改革方面,希腊新的激进左翼政府与国际货币基金组织、欧洲中央和欧洲邻国等债权人陷入对立。Germany and France are two of the largest single contributors to Greeces bailout package.德国和法国是希腊救助计划的两个最大的出资囀?来 /201506/380270韶关治多囊 Donald Trump has called for a “total and complete shutdownon Muslims entering the US in a dramatic escalation of the aly sharp rhetoric about Islam that has followed the terrorist attacks in California and Paris. 在共和党总统候选人提名战民调中领跑的唐纳德礠朗Donald Trump)呼吁,应“完全而彻底地禁止”穆斯林进入美国。法国巴黎和美国加利福尼亚州发生恐怖袭击后,一些人针对伊斯兰教发表的言论已然相当尖锐,特朗普的这番话意味着这类言论的尖锐性出现了大幅升级。The real estate mogul, who is leading the polls for the Republican presidential nomination, said in a statement on Monday that Muslims should be barred from entering the country until national leaders “can figure out what is going on这名地产大亨在周一的一份声明中表示,在国家领导人“搞清楚眼下的情况”之前,应禁止穆斯林进入美国。“Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad and have no sense of reason or respect for human life,he said.他表示:“在我们能够确定和弄明白这个问题及它所构成的危险之前,我们的国家不能成为那些只信仰圣战、毫无理性或毫不尊重人类生命的人所制造的可怕袭击的受害者。”Mr Trump made his statement the day after President Barack Obama used a televised address to urge Americans not to alienate Muslim communities “through suspicion and hate在特朗普发表上述言论一天前,美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)发表电视讲话,敦促美国人不要“通过猜疑和仇恨”疏远穆斯林群体。The White House immediately criticised Mr Trump’s statement. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, said the call to ban Muslims was “totally contrary to our values as Americansand would endanger national security because it would bolster Isis propaganda about US hostility to Muslims.美国政府对特朗普的言论立刻提出了批评。美国副国家安全顾问本圠德斯(Ben Rhodes)表示,禁止穆斯林入境的呼声“与我们作为美国人的价值观完全相悖”,并将危及国家安全,因为那样做将佐伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国(ISIS)关于美国敌视穆斯林的宣传。The statement was also strongly attacked by some of Mr Trump’s rival Republican candidates. Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, said Mr Trump had become “unhinged Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator, said the statement was “downright dangerousand would put at risk the lives of US troops, diplomats and supporters in the Middle East.特朗普的言论还遭到了一些与他争夺共和党总统候选人提名的人士的强烈批评。前佛罗里达州州长杰布布什(Jeb Bush)表示,特朗普已经“精神错乱”。南卡罗来纳州参议员林塞格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)表示,这一言论“非常危险”,它将让在中东的美国士兵、外交官和持者的生命面临危险。Since the Paris attacks, Mr Trump has consolidated his lead in national polls on the Republican race. A poll on Monday gave him a 13 percentage point lead in Iowa, the first state to vote. However, another showed Ted Cruz, the Texas senator, leading by 5 percentage points.自巴黎发生恐怖袭击以来,特朗普已巩固了其在共和党总统候选人提名战全国民调中的领跑地位。周一的一项民调显示,他在爱荷华州(该州将是首个举行投票的州)领先13个百分点。不过,另一项民调显示,德克萨斯州参议员特德克鲁Ted Cruz)领先5个百分点。来 /201512/415098The Dutch Safety Board is to publish a final report on why Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 broke up over Ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 on board.荷兰安全委员会即将发布关于马航MH17航班空难的最终调查报告,此次空难014年发生于乌克兰上空,飞机损毁导致机上298人丧生。Preliminary findings say it was hit by ;high-energy objects from outside the aircraft;, fuelling speculation that a surface-to-air missile was responsible.初步的报告中认为飞机遭到了“机舱以外的高能物体”的撞击,从燃料使用方面推测这应该是一枚“地对空”导弹。The West and Ukraine say Russian-backed rebels brought down the Boeing 777, while Russia blames Ukraine. But the report will not say who was to blame.西方国家和乌克兰认为是俄罗斯撑腰的反政府武装打下了这架波77飞机,而同时俄罗斯又在就此事谴责乌克兰。但是这次的报告不会断言谁才是元凶。Russia is to issue its own report:The plane - flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur - crashed in rebel-held eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014 at the height of the conflict between government troops and the pro-Russian separatists.The victims included 196 Dutch nationals and 10 Britons.俄罗斯也将会发布自己的报告:从阿姆斯特丹出发飞往吉隆坡的飞机0147日在反政府武装占领的乌克兰东部地区坠落,而此时正值政府军队和持俄罗斯的独立派冲突最激烈的时候。遇难者包96名荷兰国民和10名英国人。The Dutch Safety Board is expected to present its findings first to the victims families and relatives and then to reporters at the Gilze-Rijen military base in the Netherlands.The board will also show parts of the aircraft that have been brought back from the rebel-held Donetsk region and reconstructed.荷兰安全委员会应该会把调查发现首先告知遇难者家属然后再告知荷兰Gilze-Rijen军事基地的报告发言人。委员会也将会公开展示一部分失事飞机的残骸,这些残骸都从反政府武装占领的顿涅茨克地区带回来之后进行了重组。The report will look at four key issues:1. what caused the plane to disintegrate in mid-air 2. why it was flying over the conflict region 3. why some relatives had to wait four days before receiving official confirmation that their loved ones were on board 4. to what extent passengers and crew were aware of what was happening in the final moments.这份报告主要包含四个关键点:1. 是什么导致飞机在半空解体. 为什么这架飞机会飞经冲突地区上空3. 为什么有的遇难者家属不得不等待四天,官方才实了他们的亲人在这架飞机上4. 机上的乘客和机组人员在最后时刻对发生的事了解到什么程度However, the report will not directly address the issue of who was responsible for the disaster.This is because the board does not have the authority to apportion blame, under the rules governing international flight crash investigations.A separate Dutch-led criminal investigation is still going on. Its findings are expected to be published in several months time.然而这份报告并不会直接指出谁应该为这场灾难负责。这是因为根据国际航班事故调查的相关规定,安全委员会并没有权力追责。另一个独立的由荷兰牵头的犯罪调查组仍然在继续调查此事,调查结果应该会在几个月内被公之于众。Did they suffer? Anna Holligan, B News, The Hague——The Dutch Safety Board might not provide a conclusive answer as to whether the crew and passengers were conscious in those final moments.But the families hope this technical aviation report will at least end the speculation about what caused their deaths.遇难者有没有遭受痛苦?Anna Holligan, B新闻,于Hague报道——荷兰安全委员会可能不会提供一个确定的来回答机组人员和机上乘客在最后时刻是否还有意识。但是遇难者家属希望这种专业的航空报告至少能够找出到底是什么东西导致了亲人死亡,结束一切猜测;Now, finally, were getting answers from an organisation that can verify what actually happened,; says Evert Van Zijtveld - deputy chairman of the MH17 Air Disaster Association, who lost his son, daughter and parents-in-law on flight MH17.;But we still need proof. If they say our families felt something, we want evidence.;“现在,我们终于可以从一个能够确定到底发生了什么的组织那里得到了。”Evert Van Zijtveld说。他是MH17空难协会的副主席,事故中他失去了儿子,女儿和儿媳。“但是我们始终希望得到确定的说法,如果说我们到底要什么,我们要据。”Prosecutors have suggested that the aircraft was most likely brought down by a Russian-made Buk surface-to-air missile - which experts say both Russian and Ukrainian armies possess.The government in Ukraine and several Western officials have said the missile was brought from Russia and launched from the rebel-held part of Ukraine.Russia denies the accusations, saying the plane was shot down by either a surface-to-air missile fired by Ukrainian forces or a Ukrainian fighter jet.The Ukrainian government in Kiev rejects these claims as groundless.公诉人表示飞机最有可能是被一枚俄罗斯制造的“山毛榉”地对空导弹打下来的。而专家称“山毛榉”导弹俄罗斯军方和乌克兰军方都有。乌克兰政府和几个西方国家官方都说导弹是从俄罗斯带来的而且也是从反政府武装占领的那一部分区域发射的。俄罗斯否认了这项指控并说飞机是被一枚地对空导弹打下来的,但这枚导弹是由乌克兰地面部队或者乌克兰战斗机发射的。而在基辅的乌克兰政府拒绝承认这些莫须有的罪名。In July, Russia vetoed a draft resolution at the UN Security Council to set up an international tribunal into the MH17 air disaster.President Vladimir Putin said at the time the establishment of such a tribunal would be ;premature; and ;counter-productive;.俄罗斯七月在联合国安全理事会否决了就马航MH17空难设立国际刑事法庭的决议草案。普京总统此时宣称这样一个刑事法庭的建立是草率且适得其反的。Before the Dutch report is released on Tuesday, Russias state arms producer Almaz-Antey - which makes Buk missiles - is expected to announce the results of its own investigation.在荷兰的报告于周二发布之前,俄罗斯的军火制造商同时也是山毛榉导弹制造商的Almaz-Antey公司应该要发布他们自己的调查结果。Senior Russian government officials have said the Dutch investigators have not been co-operating with Russian experts.;A series of facts (about the shooting down) that were presented by Russia seem have not been taken into consideration - for reasons that we do not understand,; Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Putin, said on Monday.俄罗斯政府高级官员表示荷兰调查员并没有和俄罗斯专家进行合作。“俄方所说的一系列事实(包括飞机被击落)似乎是没有被列入考虑,出于一些我们并不了解的理由。”普京总统的发言人Dmitry Peskov在星期一的发言中这么说。来 /201510/403490从化市人民医院服务怎么样

广州市那个医院看不孕Monks absence sparks rumors释永信缺席活动引揣测Speculation rose after a controversial Shaolin Temple abbot failed to appear at a cultural exchange activity in Thailand this weekend.少林寺方丈释永信周末缺席在泰国举行的文化交流活动,引发外界揣测。The 50-year-old abbot was expected at the weeklong ;Shaolin Culture on Silk Road; event but sent a letter of apology saying he had to deal with ;unexpected official duties;.50岁的释永信原定出席为期一周的;少林文化丝路;,但却只发来了一封道歉信,称因为要处理紧急官方事务不能到场。Qian Daliang, the general manager of the temples Shaolin Intangible Assets Management Co, said Shi didnt go to Thailand because he was being investigated by religious affairs authorities in Dengfeng, Henan.少林无形资产管理有限公司总经理钱大梁称,释永信未能去泰国,原因是正在接受河南省登封市宗教局的调查。Controversy swirled around Shi Yongxin after being accused by a self-proclaimed follower as an ;embezzler and womanizer;.释永信近日被自称其弟子的人举报贪污钱财、玩弄女性,引发巨大争议。来 /201508/390060广州天河妇幼医院正规吗怎么样 Just weeks before Taiwan holds general and presidential elections, Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou announced he will hold face-to-face talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Singapore.在台湾数周后即将举行大选之际,台湾总统马英九宣布将在新加坡与中国国家主席习近平举行会谈。The meeting Saturday will be the first between Taiwanese and Chinese leaders since 1949 and authorities in China are predicting it will be a “major historic milestonein the development of cross-strait relations.定于星期六举行的此次会谈将是台海两岸领导人自1949年以来的首次会晤。中国有关当局说,这次会晤将是台海两岸关系发展过程中具有重大历史意义的里程碑。In Taiwan, opposition politicians immediately voiced their concern about the talks and dozens began to rally in the capital, Taipei. Some called for the impeachment of Ma, noting that before he was re-elected to a second term in office, the president pledged to not meet with Chinas leaders or discuss unification.但台湾反对派领导人对这次会谈表示担忧,数十人开始在台北举行抗议集会。马英九的发言人说,双方不会签署任何协议,并强调此次会谈旨在巩固两岸和平,维持台海现状。According to Chinese state media, the “cross-strait leaderswill not address one another as president during the meeting, but instead call one another “Mister.”中国国家媒体说,双方在会谈中不会以“主席”和“总统”相称,而是彼此称呼“先生”。After holding brief talks in the afternoon, the two will hold separate press conferences and dine together in the evening.习近平和马英九星期六下午举行简短会谈后,将分别举行记者会,并共进晚餐。Relations between Taiwan and China have bloomed during Mas tenure, but so has public concern -- especially among younger voters -- about the islands over-reliance on China.马英九担任总统期间,台湾与中国的关系获得极大发展,而台湾民众,尤其是年轻一代的台湾选民则担心台湾过度依赖中囀?Democratic Progressive Party Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen said no private agreements will be signed during the talk.台湾民进党发言人郑运鹏说,马英九可能在这次闭门会谈中与对方达成未经授权的协议。Eric Chu, the Nationalist Partys presidential candidate, echoed Chinas position about the meeting, saying the talks would be an important milestone for cross-strait relations.国民党总统候选人朱立伦表达了与中国相同的立场,即习马会将成为两岸关系中的里程碑。In the ed States, White House spokesman John Earnest welcomed the news, ;The fundamental interest of the ed States is in a stable and peaceful cross-strait relationship.;在华盛顿,白宫发言人欧内斯特对记者说,台海两岸维持稳定与和平的关系符合美国的根本利益。来 /201511/408154广州越秀妇科哪里看的好

番禺计划生育医院微创复通术President Vladimir Putin yesterday ordered Russia’s armed forces to co-ordinate with the French military as “allieson a joint action plan in Syria, signalling a growing rapprochement after the terror attacks on Paris and downing of a Russian airliner.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普Vladimir Putin)昨日下令俄军与法国“盟军”统筹制定在叙利亚的联合作战计划,突显在巴黎遭遇恐怖袭击和俄罗斯一架客机因遭到破坏而失事后,俄法两国相互走近。Mr Putin’s order, coupled with planned visits by French president Hollande to Moscow and Washington next week, suggested a shift in strategy over Syria in the face of the shared threat from Islamist terrorism.普京的命令,加上法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗 Hollande)计划下周访问莫斯科和华盛顿,似乎表明面对伊斯兰主义恐怖组织的共同威胁,各方在叙利亚的策略出现转向。It also signalled that Mr Putin’s calls since September for a “grand coalitionto fight Isis might be moving closer to reality along with his hopes of easing Moscow’s isolation from the west since its military intervention in Ukraine last year.这也标志着,普京自9月以来一直呼吁建立的打击“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的“大联盟”可能越来越接近现实,他对于缓解俄方自去年军事干预乌克兰以来被西方孤立的期待也有望实现。“A French naval battle group led by an aircraft carrier will arrive in your theatre of action soon. You must establish direct contact with the French and work with them as with allies,Mr Putin told the commander of the missile cruiser Moskva, deployed off Syria, speaking from Russia’s space-age National Defence Control Centre.“以一艘航母为首的法国海军战斗群将要抵达你部的战区。你部必须与法方建立直接联系,把他们当作盟军一样开展合作,”普京从俄罗斯先进的国防控制中心(National Defence Control Centre)对部署在叙利亚海岸外的“莫斯科号Moskva)导弹巡洋舰的指挥官表示。Russia also said it would step up its Syrian bombing campaign.俄罗斯还表示,将加大在叙利亚境内的轰炸力度。The moves came just hours after Russia’s FSB intelligence service acknowledged that the Russian Airbus which crashed over Egypt on October 31 had been brought down by a bomb.采取这些行动的数小时前,俄罗斯联邦安全局(FSB)承认01日俄罗斯一架空Airbus)客机在埃及坠毁是一个炸弹装置所致。They also came after Mr Hollande a day earlier echoed Mr Putin’s calls for an anti-terror “coalitionin an address to parliament members.此外,就在一天前,奥朗德在法国议会发表讲话时,呼应了普京对于建立反恐“联盟”的呼吁。“There must be a union of all those who truly want to fight against this terrorist army as part of one big coalition,Mr Hollande said. “It’s with this goal in mind that I will meet in the coming days President Obama and President Putin to join forces and achieve a result that has been postponed for too long.”“所有那些真正想与这恐怖主义军队作战的力量,必须作为一个大联盟的一部分凝聚成一股力量,”奥朗德表示,“我在未来几天会晤奥巴马总统和普京总统时,将铭记这个目标,以便联合起来,取得一个已经拖延太久的结果。”Friday’s terrorist outrages in Paris appeared to be changing attitudes, with the west prepared to put to one side its differences with Moscow over Ukraine.上周五巴黎遭遇恐怖主义暴行似乎在改变各方态度,西方准备搁置其在乌克兰问题上与莫斯科方面的分歧。At the weekend’s G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, Mr Putin was not shunned as last year, but held bilateral meetings with German chancellor Angela Merkel, US president Barack Obama and UK premier David Cameron.在上周末于土耳其安塔利亚(Antalya)举行0国集G20)峰会上,普京没有像去年那样遭到冷遇,而是与德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)、美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)和英国首相戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)都举行了双边会谈。Moscow’s acknowledgment that the Russian Metrojet crash in Sinai killing all 224 aboard was the result of a “homemade explosive devicewas a cue for Mr Putin to announce his determination to bring “retributionto the culprits, echoing Mr Hollande’s language on protecting citizens at home.莫斯科方面承认,该国Metrojet航空公司客机在西奈半岛坠毁、导致机上所24人遇难的事件是一个“自制爆炸装置”所致。这给了普京一个由头,让他顺理成章地宣布决心“报复”元凶,呼应了奥朗德关于保护本国公民的言论。Observers in Russia believe Moscow considered stepping up its Syria campaign once it was certain the Metrojet crash had been a terror attack probably when Mr Putin ordered all flights to Egypt suspended 10 days ago but then seized upon the shift in sentiment in Europe triggered by the Paris attacks.俄罗斯观察家相信,莫斯科方面早在其确信Metrojet空难是一起恐怖袭击之后,就考虑加大在叙利亚的战斗力度——很可能0天前普京下令暂停所有埃及航班的时候就已如此——但随后抓住了巴黎恐袭在欧洲引发的情绪。“The Russians were looking for signs that the western countries, starting with France, are becoming more amenable to co-operating with Russia, and... letting [Syrian president Bashar al-]Assad stay around at least for a while,said Dmitri Trenin, head of the Carnegie Moscow Center, an arm of the US think-tank.“俄罗斯方面在寻觅这样的迹象:从法国开始,西方国家变得更愿意与俄罗斯合作,同时……也更愿意让(叙利亚总统巴沙尔·)阿萨Bashar al-Assad)至少再掌权一阵子,”美国智库卡内基(Carnegie)的分卡内基莫斯科中Carnegie Moscow Center)主任德米特里礠列Dmitri Trenin)表示。Before the assaults that killed 129 on Friday in the French capital, Paris had started air strikes in Syria targeting camps suspected of sheltering plotters against France. But it refused to join the coalition led by the US and the Gulf states because it was not backed by the UN.上周五法国首都遭遇恐怖袭击、导29人遇难之前,巴黎方面已经开始空袭叙利亚境内的目标,打击被怀疑窝藏策划对法国发起恐袭的恐怖分子的营地。但法国拒绝加入由美国和海湾国家领导的联盟,因为它没有得到联合国的持。Paris, like the US, has also criticised Russia’s bombing in Syria for targeting the moderate opposition to Mr Assad, not Isis, and differed with Moscow over its insistence on Mr Assad’s departure as part of any political transition. But the French strategy has come under pressure following the terrorist attacks.和美国一样,法国还批评俄罗斯轰炸叙利亚境内反对阿萨德的温和反对派势力,而不是ISIS,并在坚持要求阿萨德走人作为政治过渡的一部分这一点上与莫斯科方面意见分歧。但在遭遇恐怖袭击后,法国的策略受到压力。来 /201511/411314 惠州输卵管检查医院广东治多囊医生多少钱



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