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广东广州长安医院怎么样广州天河长安无痛人流怎么样好不好Each hectare of trees releases, as vapour,1公顷森林每年能蒸发almost 190,000 litres of water a year.将近19万公升水分This water passes into the atmosphere水分散布到大气中to be transported around the entire globe.被输送到世界各地That means the heart of the worlds weather那意味着地球天气的心脏lies in tropical forests.位于热带森林中Unfortunately, theres an almost insatiable demand in Europe and China不幸的是 欧洲和中国正贪得无厌地for hardwood from these very forests.从这片森林里索取木材And that is having an enormous impact.那产生了巨大的影响As more tropical forest is felled,随着越来越多热带雨林倒下some scientists are seeing a correlation一些科学家发现了其与with changing storm patterns across Europe and America.欧洲和美国的暴风雨天气模式改变间的关联And its likely to become more extreme.那种改变有可能变得更为极端Staggeringly, 50% of the Congo Basin forest惊人的是 50%刚果盆地里的森林has been allocated for logging.已被分配为砍伐区域The future of Africas forest has never been more critical for us all.非洲森林的未来与我们息息相关201407/316404广州长安不孕不育医院网上预约电话 We’ve all been there -- stuck at a party that’s about as entertaining as mopping the floor. That’s why it’s important to have an exit strategy.我们都遇到过这种情况——被困在和拖地板一样无聊的聚会上不能脱身。这也是了解下面这些逃跑策略重要性的原因。You Will Need你需要Excuse借口Sense of timing时间感Compliments赞美Thank-you note感谢卡Steps步骤STEP 1 Set the stage1.为提前退场做好准备Set the stage for a possible early exit when you RSVP for a party -- especially if the host is a repeat offender in the annals of disastrous soirees. Say you have a previous engagement on that date, but will drop by briefly.当回复别人的派对邀请时,为可能提前退场做好准备,尤其是如果主人以举办无聊的聚会而臭名昭著。告诉对方,你之前在那天已经有一个约会了,但是会过去稍待一会儿。STEP 2 Chat her up2.与主人聊天As soon as you arrive, ditch your coat, grab a drink, and head for the host. Note how charming the bathroom décor is or how tasty the appetizers are to pretend you’ve been at the party for a while instead of having just walked in the door.到达聚会现场后,放下外套,拿一杯饮料,去找主人。提及她的浴室装潢多么迷人,或者她的开胃食品多么美味,假装你已经来到这个聚会有一段时间了,而不是刚刚走进门。STEP 3 Make the rounds3.四处走动After talking to your host, make the rounds. You want the host to notice you at different points in different places. It will create the impression that you’re having a lovely time, and register that you were there… more than you were really there.与主人聊天后,四处走动一下。你希望派对主人在不同的时间不同的场合看到你。这会制造出你过得非常愉快的景象,而且可以造成你已经在派对很长时间的假象。STEP 4 Drop key phrases4.丢出关键词A few minutes before you ditch, sidle up next to the host and announce something that makes it seem you were there longer than you really were—like, I’m gonna have to make this my last drink! (even if it’s your first) and This is my third trip to the buffet!开溜之前几分钟,缓缓走到主人旁边,说一些让你看上去好像在那里逗留了很久的话,比如“这是我喝的最后一杯了。”(即使实际上这才是第一杯。)或者说“这已经是第三轮了!”STEP 5 Bide your time5.等待时机When you’re y to make a break for it, discreetly gather your belongings and pause at the door. Wait until the host seems engaged in conversation, then catch her eye, point at your watch apologetically, and mouth Thank you! Give her a devastated and conflicted look as if you can’t believe you have to leave so soon… then bolt.当你准备离开的时候,小心地收拾你的物品,在门前停一下。等到主人似乎忙着和别人交谈的时候,吸引到她的视线,抱歉地指一下你的手表,用唇语说“谢谢!”作出很难过很矛盾的表情,就好像你难以相信这么快就要离开了……然后就开门。STEP 6 Keep it vague6.模棱两可If your host breaks away from conversation to say goodbye face-to-face, try not to offer any reason for your early departure other than the aforementioned prior commitment, since lies have a tendency to trip you up later. Deflect her attention by lavishing her with compliments about the party.如果主人终止对话,面对面和你道别,尽量不要提及提早离开的其他理由,除了你之前说的有约会之外。因为谎言很有可能会被拆穿。赞扬她举办的派对多么精,转移她的注意力。If you failed to establish a prior commitment, cough in your host’s face as you say you’re coming down with something. She’ll no doubt be happy to see you and your germs go.如果你没有告诉她你已经有约会了,靠近主人的面部咳嗽,就好像你被卡到了。毫无疑问,她会很高兴看到你和细菌都离开了。STEP 7 Send thanks7.寄送感谢卡Send a thank-you note after the party. Not only is this good manners, but it will help alleviate any resentment your host may harbor about your early departure.聚会后寄送一张感谢卡。这不仅仅是礼貌的问题,而且会安抚主人对你的提前离开而产生的任何憎恨情绪。视频听力译文由。201410/337807广州市中医院哪个医生比较好

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广州白云去医院打胎要多少钱The results are in for the largest legal dispute in Chinas internet industry. The supreme court of China today ruled against Qihoo 360s appeal, and maintained a previous ruling that the company had engaged in unfair competition.中国互联网界最大的法律纠纷案件终于有了结果。今日,中国最高法院驳回奇虎360公司的诉讼。 The court also ordered Qihoo 360 to pay Tencent five million yuan for economic losses.高院还责令奇虎360公司向付腾讯公司付500万元的经济损失。The two internet heavyweights have been accusing each other of infringing on consumer rights and unfair competition since mid 2011.自2011年,这两家互联网巨头互诉对方侵犯消费者权利和开展不公平竞争。Experts say the results of the case could have far-reaching implications that may impact the industrys future landscape.专家表示,此案的审判结果可能会对互联网行业的未来发展产生深远意义。201402/277461 Russia Will Free Arctic 30 And Pussy RiotAn amnesty bill could come into effect later and should also see several anti-Vladimir Putin protesters released.新闻背景:近年来,北约东扩、东欧反导系统的强化,使俄战略空间不断被压缩,战略平衡逐步被打破。为此,俄罗斯在楔入欧盟的“飞地”部署战力强大的导弹系统以此制约美国和北约实施的欧洲导弹防御计划。德国爆料,俄罗斯在加里宁格勒部署大约10套“伊斯坎德尔”导弹系统。加里宁格勒不与俄罗斯本土接壤,位于波兰和立陶宛之间,属俄罗斯飞地。消息得到俄罗斯国防部发言人伊戈尔·科纳申科夫确认。俄罗斯媒体援引科纳申科夫的话报道:“西部军区导弹和炮兵部队的确已经部署几套‘伊斯坎德尔’作战—战术导弹系统。”西部军区包括俄罗斯西部和西北大部分省份,以及加里宁格勒地区。美国国务院副发言人玛丽·哈夫说,已经敦促俄罗斯避免采取可能的措施,破坏地区稳定。美国国防部长查克·哈格尔在电视会议上告诉俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖·绍伊古,与伊朗达成的初步核协议还不能令北约撤除反导系统。美国国防部在声明中说,哈格尔重申,美国和北约的反导系统不会威胁俄罗斯,敦促双方继续就下一步在欧洲的部署计划进行磋商。俄罗斯国防部发言人科纳申科夫说,俄罗斯部署导弹没有违反任何国际条约或协定,因此不应受到西方国家声讨。This was the moment when an environmental protest turned into an international incident, greenpeace activists and two journalists being arrested by Russian security forces in the Arctic sea, three months on they have been pardoned as a part of Russian amnesty political prisoners, free to return home to their families, probably in time for Christmas.If myself you know mom and dad we have all been trying to play it down, not to get hopes up, it was great when it finally come through, and we are so happy.Six Britons were amongst the group who became known as the Arctic 30, charged with hooliganism after attempting to scale an oil platform in the Arctic sea. Behind bars then billed they had faced the prospect of years in jail until president Putin intervened.Synics may say it is not an entirely hoolistic act, coming as it does ahead of next years winter Olympics to be held in the Russian city of Sochi, an event President Putin will not want to overshadow with the airing of Russias dirty washing over its human rights record.They were speculating on quite wide this has happened, dont forget we were doing the same act two and half year ago on the very same oil platform, we a coastguard vessel of the FFE stand by watching us, no action was taken then what so ever.For two Russian stars of the femnist rock band Pussy Riot they has also been pardoned, but not before nearly two years of grim punishment.For this anti Putin , Nadeshta and Marry were sent to remote prison camps, of her experience, N wrote;eternally sleep deprived, overwhelmed by the endless race to fulfill inhumanly large as, prisoners are always on the verge of breaking down, screaming at each other over the smallest things.;The girls basically have two months left in jail after two years, so getting this sort of little discount at the end of your term doesnt make much difference, so this amnesty didnt really help them, and besides they are also not very happy about the fact that the final version of the bill is not as wide as it was proposed by human rights activists, it has been cut.This is one family soon to be reunited, but hundreds of thousands more political prisoners who are far less profile will remain in Russian jails.Isa Holland, Sky News. /201312/270241广州白云医院做引产需要花多少钱天河长安医院微创复通术



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