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Here’s a situation where takeout is more cost efficient than cooking at home.如今,比起在家烧饭,外卖更为经济实惠。Too Good To Go, an app operating in the UK, allows users to order leftover food at a discount from restaurants, according to the website. The goal is to help curb waste from establishments that typically toss out perfectly edible food at the end of the day.Too Good To Go是一款正在英国运营的手机应用。根据该应用官网介绍,使用该应用的用户能以折扣价从餐厅订购剩余食物。这款应用旨在帮助餐厅控制浪费,因为这些餐厅会在营业结束后将还能吃的食物倒掉。Users simply log in, pick a restaurant, and pay through the app.用户只需进行简单的注册,挑选一家餐厅,并通过应用付款。Then they pick up their food at designated times―usually around closing or after peak meal times, according to the Telegraph.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,用户需要在指定的时间内领取订购的食物——通常是在打烊或是用餐高峰之后。“Food waste just seems like one of the dumbest problems we have in this world,”co-founder James Crummie told Business Green.“The restaurant industry is wasting about 600,000 tonnes of food each year, and in the UK alone there are one million people on emergency food parcels from food banks. Why do we have these two massive social issues that are completely connected, yet there is not much going on to address them?”“食物浪费似乎是世界上最愚蠢的问题之一。”该款应用的联合创始人詹姆斯#8226;克拉米向绿色商业讲道。“餐饮业每年浪费约60万吨食物。单单在英国,每年就有100万人接受来自食品的应急食品包救济。为什么我们会面临两个重大且紧密相关的社会问题,然而对此的解决力度却远远不够呢?”Users also have the option to give meals to people in need by donating 1 British pound or more through the app, according to the website. More than 1,100 meals have been donated so far.该应用官网称,用户还可以通过在软件上捐赠一英镑及以上的钱款,为需要帮助的人提供食物。目前为止,该应用收到了1100多顿餐的捐款。Treat yourself to a nice lunch through TGTG today! Eat well and reduce food waste. #FeedBelliesNotBins 打开TGTG,犒赏自己一顿美味的午餐吧!吃得好,浪费少。#FeedBelliesNotBins—Too Good To Go UK (@TooGoodToGo_UK) July 28, 2016—来自Too Good To Go 英国 (@TooGoodToGo_UK) 2016年7月28日Founded in Denmark last year, Too Good To Go was launched this year in the UK and is expanding to other countries. The app is available in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, and will be in London later this month.Too Good To Go去年刚在丹麦成立,并在今年正式登陆英国,还正向其他国家扩张业务。目前,这款手机应用在布莱顿、伯明翰、曼切斯特和利兹市等地均可使用。到本月底,伦敦业务即将开通。Food waste is a major problem worldwide. In the US alone, up to 40 percent of food goes uneaten―meanwhile one in six households didn’t have enough money for food last year.在全世界范围内,食物浪费是一个大问题。单单在美国,残剩食物就高达40%。与此同时,去年,每六个家庭中就有一个家庭无法负担食品出。Too Good To Go has aly helped cut a significant amount of waste. So far, the app has saved 600 meals from landfills in the UK, reports Business Green.Too Good To Go应用软件在帮助减少食物浪费上做出了突出的贡献。据绿色商业报道,迄今为止,这款应用为英国节约了600顿餐食。Orders through the app cost between 2 British pounds (.60) to 3.80 British pounds (about ), according to the website.该应用官网称,通过这个应用下单,单笔订单的花费在2英镑(2.60美元)到3.80英镑(约合5美元)之间。Users aren’t able to the pick the food items, but they get an idea of the type of food that will be available, according to Business Green.绿色商业了解到,用户不能选择食物,但是他们能了解可订购的食物类型。To ensure the entire experience is super eco-friendly, Too Good To Go provides recyclable takeout packaging to participating restaurants.此外,为了确保整个体验更为环保,Too Good To Go为合作餐厅提供了可回收的外卖包装。Restaurants using the app make extra revenue by selling food that would otherwise have been tossed, according to the Telegraph. And Too Good To Go itself makes money by taking a fee from participating restaurants on each sale.《每日电讯报》称,餐厅借助这款应用销售剩余食物,赚取额外收入。而Too Good To Go自己也从每笔交易中收取一定费用。Too Good To Go isn’t the first app to try to tackle food waste. In Spain, the Yo No Desperdicio app allows people to coordinate and exchange surplus food items with each other. In the US, the Food Cowboy app allows food distributors to redistribute“ugly vegetables” ―or produce rejected by groceries for purely cosmetic reasons―to charities and food banks who need them. #8195;Too Good To Go并不是第一款尝试解决食物浪费的应用。在西班牙,人们可通过Yo No Desperdicio应用与他人调整或交换剩余食品。在美国,食品经销商通过Food Cowboy应用将“坏菜”,即纯粹出于品相原因而遭食品杂货店嫌弃的蔬菜,重新出售给需要的慈善机构和食品。 /201608/462417

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