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广州天河宫腹腔镜费用多少广州越秀检查男科医院Artists, museums, cultural institutions have always been inspired by technology,科技往往能激励艺术家,物馆和一些文化机构,and tech companies have always been inspired by art and culture.同时艺术和文化也会激励科技公司。Google Arts and Culture is a platform whose first mission is to help cultural institutions谷歌艺术文化是一个把帮助文化机构to share their collection and to reach new audiences.分享他们的藏品并获得新的受众当做第一使命的平台。The Lab is a place for research and development.这个实验室主要用于研究与开发。We are working on some emerging technologies and how they can be useful for arts and culture online.我们正在研究一些新兴技术,以及怎样才能让它们在线上对艺术与文化有所助益。It#39;s the case for virtual reality for example, it#39;s the case also for machine learning.这是一个虚拟现实的案例,也是机器学习的案例。Machine learning enables us to find patterns in complex data that hopefully open up new pathways to explore it.机器学习让我们能够在复杂的数据中找到图案,从而有望开辟新的途径去探索它。Machine learning is incredibly valuable because it brings these unexpected ways机器学习非常有意义,因为它带来了这些意想不到的方法to look at the content, to make it available, to connect the audience to the content来观看藏品,把观众和藏品联系起来or to even help museums to organise and analyse their content.甚至帮助物馆组织和分析藏品。The machine learning experiments were created here at the Lab by creative coders and artists.开创性的程序员和艺术家在这个实验室里创造了机器学习试验。X Degrees of Separation tries to answer the question: What is the connection between any two artworks?X度分离尝试解答这个问题:任意两件艺术品之间有何关联?You just ask it: What is the path between Starry Night and some 5,000 year old clay sculpture?你只需要问道:静夜星空这件作品和某件具有5000年历史的泥塑之间的联系是什么?and it actually finds a connection which is usually surprising, interesting, and opens up this chance for discovery.然后它就真的搜到了惊奇有趣的联系,也开启了这个发现的机会。Tags use a neural network that automatically applies text labels to image pixels.标签利用神经网络自动将文本标签应用于图像像素。It uses picture recognition to sort the artworks by keywords,它利用图象识别通过关键字来给艺术品分类,so you can search for something that is within a picture in a novel way.所以你可以用一种新方法来搜索某个包含在图片内的东西。It can suggest artworks that it thinks are calm or sad...它会推荐自认为或宁静或悲伤的艺术品…It brings a new way to browse cultural heritage.它带来了一种浏览文化遗产的新方式。The way t-SNE map works is that all the artworks are organised in this map by visual similarity alone.t-SNE地图作品方式是通过视觉相似性把所有的艺术品安排在这个地图上。It#39;s a 3D landscape where you can navigate in a world made of artworks.它是个可以让你在艺术品的世界里畅游的3D景观。So it#39;s a way to visualise artworks that look similar, to discover maybe new connections between these artworks.所以它是欣赏相似艺术品并发现它们之间新联系的一种途径。As an artist, I am fascinated by the fact that something I thought impossible one year ago is now quite easy to do.作为一个艺术家,一年之前我认为不可能的事,现在却变得这么容易,这让我着迷。We are just at the beginning, there will be much more to come.我们现在仅仅是个开始,未来还会有更多发展。We see artists getting extremely excited, we are extremely excited,看到艺术家们非常兴奋,我们也非常兴奋,we will see what happens but it#39;s a great moment for art and technology.我们期待未来,但是对于艺术和科技而言这确实是个伟大的时刻。 Article/201707/516508广州那家医院看不孕不育好 He vowed that he would never do that again.他发誓绝不再作那样的事。vow表示发誓。可在vow后加that引导出发誓的内容,也可用vow to do something。上句可写成:He vowed never to do that again.He vowed to do his best to win the game.他誓言要全力以赴赢得比赛。蒋健棠----- /200803/28758TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452242广州市长安宫颈糜烂

广州番禺区市桥中心医院怎么样好吗TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/477402广州番禺阴唇整形手术哪家好 The orangutan might be headed for extinction,despite major conservation efforts.尽管采取主要的保护努力,猩猩可能会走向灭亡。A report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature says the Bornean orangutan is now critically endangered. 国际自然保护联盟的报告称,婆罗洲猩猩现在濒临灭绝。The only other orangutan species, the Sumatran orangutan, is aly listed as critically endangered, meaning both species are now at ;extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.;另一个物种,苏门答腊猩猩已被列为濒危物种,意味着现在两个物种野外灭绝的风险极高。The IUCN report found that Bornean orangutan populations slid by nearly two-thirds since the 1970s thanks to habitat destruction and illegal hunting. By 2025, that population is expected to be just 47,000.国际自然保护联盟的报告发现,由于栖息地的破坏和非法捕猎,自上世纪70年代以来婆罗洲猩猩的数量下降了近三分之二。到2025年,婆罗洲猩猩的数量预计只有47,000只。One of the report#39;s authors told Mongabay, This is full acknowledgment of what has been clear for a long time: orangutan conservation is failing.报告的作者之一告诉Mongabay社,充分肯定长久以来对猩猩的保护失败了。Because of human encroachment, only about 60 percent of Borneo#39;s forest was habitable for orangutans in 2010, and illegal burning and logging continue to pose threats.由于人类的侵入,2010年婆罗洲只有约百分之60的森林适合猩猩生存,非法焚烧和伐木继续构成威胁。But the new label of critically endangered doesn#39;t necessarily mean extinction is a given. It#39;s possible new conservation efforts could help save the orangutans, although one of the report#39;s authors says the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.但极度濒危物种的新标签并不意味着就会灭绝。新的保护措施有可能帮助拯救猩猩,虽然报告的作者之一称情况在好转前可能会继续恶化。译文属。 Article/201607/453544广州哪些医院修复结扎最好

广州天河治疗附件炎多少钱 FLASH知性英语:Old king cole本作品来自英语帮帮网(www.english88.com),版权归英语帮帮网所有. /200703/10912梅州怎么样哪家医院最好韶关妇幼保健院结扎复通



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